Terms and Conditions | Where's My Silent Disco?

These Terms & Conditions set out an agreement between the COMPANY (Chris Mold T/A Where’s My Silent Disco? Flat 7, Waterway House, Medway Wharf Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1AY) and the HIRER (the person, organisation or company booking the equipment for hire from the Hire Provider). Upon booking (either verbally or electronically), it is deemed that the HIRER has read, fully understood, and agreed to the COMPANIES Terms & Conditions.

The HIRER shall only use the equipment hired for its intended purpose and in a right and proper Manner.

The HIRER shall not take the equipment outside the UK under any circumstances.

The HIRER undertakes fully responsibility for the security and safe keeping of the hire equipment, and accepts full responsibility for the loss or damage of the equipment however caused.

The HIRER undertakes any Public Liability responsibilities whilst the equipment is in their care.

The HIRER agrees not to tamper with and or modify or allow a third party to tamper and or modify with the equipment in any way what so ever. Any damage cause as a result of such action will be charged to the HIRER by the COMPANY.

The hire period is strictly as stated in the hire agreement. All hire equipment must be returned no later than midday on the due return date. Any equipment returned later than this will be charged at the daily rate up until its return.

The HIRER undertakes the responsibility of hiring the correct equipment. If the equipment is lost by any means what so ever or damaged beyond repair, the HIRER will pay the COMPANY the current retail price to replace the equipment.

The COMPANY (Where’s My Silent Disco?): Although the hire equipment is maintained to the highest standard, the COMPANY accepts no responsibility for any malfunctions or breakdowns of the equipment. We will however offer a like for like replacement during the opening hours.

The hire is sold without form of Public Liability insurance. Public Liability is the sole responsibility of the HIRER. The COMPANY accepts no responsibility for any public liability claims.

The COMPANY accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to equipment not supplied the COMPANY and/or their employees or agents connecting such equipment to the equipment supplied by The COMPANY and/or a third part appointed by The COMPANY, nor accepts responsibility of any loss financial or otherwise.

All cables are supplied coiled and in good working order and should be returned in the same condition. Any missing and/or damaged leads will be charged to the HIRER.

CANCELLATION: If the hire is cancelled more than 7 days prior to the contracted date for any reason, a cancellation fee of £25 will be charged by The COMPANY. If the hire is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the arranged date or not entered into by the HIRER for any reason, the full hire fee will be charged by The COMPANY to the HIRER.

OWNERSHIP: The hire equipment remains the property of the COMPANY at all times.

Where’s My Silent Disco?